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Fred Pierce’s View on the Student Housing Market
July 2019 - (Video - 06:20)

“Student housing, like other knit sectors of commercial real estate, is not correlated with the economy. In fact, it is a recession resistant asset class and tends to not correlate very well with the economy.”

In Focus: Fred Pierce on the student housing market
February 2019 - IREI

Fred discusses current trends, investment activity and the outlook for the student housing market.

SDSU West spokesman talks truths and myths of Measure G
October 2018 - Fox 5 Sports

In Focus: Fred Pierce on the student housing market
August 2018 - National Real Estate Investor (Video)

In Focus: Fred Pierce on the current student housing market
August 2017 - National Real Estate Investor (Video)

About Pierce Education Properties
January 2017 - (Video - 03:29)

PEP CEO Fred Pierce discusses the origins of his rapidly expanding student housing company, and plans for the future.

Student Housing Industry Trends
January 2017 - (Video - 10:39)

Fred Pierce, PEP President & CEO, talks about the current trends in student housing, and the future of this burgeoning industry.

Student Housing Misconceptions: Real or Fallacies?
January 2017 - (Video - 04:45)

Fred Pierce discusses truths, fallacies, and stereotypes of the student housing industry.

Pierce In The News

The Best Markets for Student Housing October 2019 - GlobeSt.com

"In student housing investment, we always start by focusing on the anchor university. We believe the strongest opportunities are at large, public, power five football conference universities.”

The Fig will be an Opportunity Zone Investment, Ventus Group Officials Say September 2019 - BisNow.com

"Pierce Education Properties President and CEO Fred Pierce said increased enrollment to schools with big-time football programs drives the demand for student housing.”

Housing for today’s students September 2019 - multifamilyexecutive.com

"Student housing communities with sustainable design features are ‘viewed very favorably’ by students—especially if the property has earned a certification for energy efficiency, says Pierce. But students may not be willing to pay more to live in a green building. ‘We are not seeing the sustainability preference translate into higher rent than less sustainable competitors,’ says Pierce."

Student Housing Developers Focus on Tier Two Schools for New Projects September 2019 - nreionline.com

"Developers are having to look at a broader set of schools to find the most desirable sites that are within easy walking distance of university classrooms. ‘The location of purpose-built student housing projects has progressively moved closer to campus over the last two decades,’ says Pierce."

Purpose Built Student Housing Has Evolved August 2019 - Forbes.com

"Student housing is now a huge draw for universities. Communities are embracing purpose-built student housing projects as a way to move students from community houses to centralized locations that can accommodate a student’s lifestyle."

Student Housing Lease on Pace with 2018 July 2019 - GlobeSt.com

“The most notable change in pre-leasing year over year was the fact that most companies started the pre-leasing process earlier—many as early as September—this year than in year’s past.”

The Rise of Hybrid Student Apartment Projects July 2019 - GlobeSt.com

“A new student housing product is arriving on the market: a hybrid of both traditional by-the-bed student housing and conventional by-the-unit apartments for adult professionals.”

How Much Value Is There in Ground-Floor Retail Space at Student Housing Properties? June 2019 - National Real Estate Investor

“Most ground level retail is a drag on a student housing project. But in the right location, retail, restaurant or food can be an asset to a project and can support credit tenants.”

Retaining Employees at Your Student Communities June 2019 - National Apartment Association Blog

“Pierce Education utilizes a mixture of hands-on and online training, including courses offered through NAA and Grace Hill. The company also complements its training with a robust mentorship program.”

Institutional Investors Views Urban Student Housing As A Safety Play June 2019 - BisNow

“Once high-rises become wood structures and they’ve been done enough for contractors to get familiar with it, it may make more urban mid-rise stuff comparatively more affordable.”

Filling Student Housings’s Labor Gap June 2019 - National Apartment Association Blog

“Similar to all of the top 25 student housing management companies, we are looking for peak performers who we can either mentor from within our organization, grow through mentorship programs or by bringing in new team members.”

Student Housing Fundamentals Strengthen Ahead of the Fall 2019 Semester May 2019 - National Real Estate Investor

“Most companies started the pre-leasing process earlier—many as early as September, that’s the most notable change in pre-leasing year-over-year.”

Expect $8B to $10B in Student Housing Sales Volume This Year
April 2019 - GlobeSt.com

“Student housing sales volumes have been increasing since 2015, and it has created a new industry norm.”

Property Prices Keep Rising in the Student Housing Sector
March 2019 - National Real Estate Investor

“Average cap rates on student housing transactions are now near those paid for apartment buildings.”

Student Housing Investment Grows as Recession Looms
February 2019 - GlobeSt.com

“The rising possibility of a downturn has driven capital to more recession-proof asset classes, including student housing.”

Construction Labor Shortages are Impacting Student Housing Developers
January 2019 - National Real Estate Investor

“Student housing developers are trying to finish new projects on time no matter how much it costs.” 

Bracing For A Recession: Industry Experts Weigh In On What Preventive Measures They Are Taking
January 2019 - Bisnow

When is the commercial real estate property bubble going to burst?

What’s On My Mind: Quality Research Needed
December 2018 - Student Housing Business

“With a lack of publicly available data, now is the time for the industry to create a solution.”

Investors Remain Bullish on Student Housing as a Diversification Play
December 2018- National Real Estate Investor

“As the real estate cycle winds down, investors view student housing as one of the few recession-resistant asset classes.”

Student Housing Experts Say a Recession is Coming and They Are Ready to Capitalize
December 2018 - BisNow

A downturn could prove once again that the student housing industry is recession-resilient.

Student Housing Construction Expected to Fall Next Year
November 2018 - GlobeSt.com

In 2019, for the first time this cycle, student housing construction will likely fall below 40,000 beds per year.

Changes in the Student-Housing Space
October 2018 - SoCal Real Estate

“In light of the shifting student housing landscape, Fred Pierce discusses data for the school year that just began, the outlook for student housing this year, and any changes he is noticing in the space.”

A 2018 Mid-Year Investment Update on the Student Housing Sector
September 2018 - National Real Estate Investor

As foreign and institutional investors seek portfolio diversification capital is likely to continue flowing into student housing properties. - Fred Pierce

Will Foreign Policy Changes Affect the Student Housing Sector?
August 2018 - SoCal Real Estate

International students have become an increasingly important segment of the United States' higher education community. But since President Trump's 2016 election, many higher education leaders have communicated concerns about the future of international student enrollment in the U.S.

SDSU Corky McMillin Center for Real Estate August 2018 Newsletter
August 2018 - Fowler College of Business Newsletter

Highlighting Fred Pierce, a Real Estate Advisory Board Members who provides tremendous support to the Corky McMillin Center for Real Estate programs and activities.

Pre-Leasing Velocity Slows for Student Housing Properties
July 2018 - National Real Estate Investor

“New properties close to campus are drawing students away from properties farther out. However, overall rents continue to rise and most properties are on track to be fully-occupied by the start to the school year.”  -Bendix Anderson, NREI

Industry Reacts to Proposed EdR Deal
June 2018 - Student Housing Business

“As word spreads throughout the industry about a possible take-private sale of EdR (NYSE: EDR), the student housing industry is abuzz with reaction and speculation on the potential positives and negatives for the companies involved and the sector.”

Pierce Education Properties, DWS Acquire Community Near Indiana University
April 2018

Student Housing Cap Rates Are At An All-Time Low
March 2018 - GlobeSt.com

“Most reports peg total investment sales in this category to be in the $8-billion to $9-billion range, which would make 2017 the second-largest volume in industry history, behind the $10-billion-plus in 2016.”  -Natialie Dolce, GlobeSt.com

Showcasing Revamped Student Housing in Virtual Reality
November 2017 - Student Housing Business

Anna Singleton, CEO of ShowMyPropertyTV, is changing the way Generation Z looks for student housing, and Pierce is joining her on the journey.

Back to School
November 2017 - Institutional Real Estate Investor - Americas

"Nearly two decades after its inception, the student housing asset class has emerged as a preferred niche sector for institutional real estate investment."
-Fred Pierce, IREI Americas

Student Housing Sales Speed Up
October 2017 - National Real Estate Investor

“After a slow beginning to the year, 2017 now seems likely to be one of the biggest years ever for sales of student housing properties." -Bendix Anderson, NREI

Fred Pierce named one of The Daily Transcript's 2017 Top 50 Influential Leaders
September 2017 - The Daily Transcript

Read The Daily Transcript piece featuring Fred Pierce as one of this year's most notable business leaders.

Pierce Acquires 528-Bed Student Housing Community Near University of Virginia
August 2017

Why Student Housing Is Outperforming Multifamily
July 31, 2017 - GlobeSt.com

"The success of this sector follows a significant trend of institutional investors diversifying away from the four 'food groups' of CRE and allocating a portion of their real estate capital to less-correlated niche asset classes." 
-Fred Pierce, GlobeSt.com.

The Future of Free Tuition
July 12, 2017 - National Real Estate Investor

"Growth in free- and subsidized-tuition programs at public colleges and universities could goose enrollments in some states, but will there be much benefit for the private student housing market?"  -Bendix Anderson, NREI

Risk Management 101
July 12, 2017 - National Real Estate Investor

"What keeps top student housing pros up at night? These five threats to their businesses."  -Bendix Anderson, NREI

SOP Student Housing Forum Takeaways: Reading, Writing, and Core Investing
June 28, 2017 - Sandler O'Neill + Partners

"The level of institutional interest in Student Housing continues to grow with return expectations steadily declining as shooting for the stars is replaced with the luxuriousness of consistent mid-upper single digit returns."

SDSU Alumni Won’t Succumb to SuckerCity Siren
May 2017

“Of all the news that emerged this week about the horribly lopsided and flawed plan from FS Investors, perhaps the most impactful is what the Past Presidents Council of SDSU Alumni did Tuesday. It designated a spokesman and handed him a crate of grenades.”

If I Knew Then...
May 2017 - Crain's San Diego

"In this ongoing series... executives, entrepreneurs and business leaders [talk] about mistakes that have shaped their business philosophy."  
-Bryna Kranzler, Crain's

Where Will My Child Live When They Attend College?
April 2017 - It's Your Money and Your Life, KFMB AM760

In their latest podcast, Richard Muscio & Joe Vecchio invite Fred Pierce to discuss housing accommodations for today's students.

Institutional Investors Coming Around to Student Housing, Sector Seen as Recession-Resistant Alternative to Apts.
March 2017 - National Real Estate Investor

"Once an overlooked niche, the student housing sector is attracting increased attention from major investors, who see the sector as offering less rental growth volatility and a recession-resistant hedge to conventional apartments."  -Randyl Drummer, CoStar

Consolidation and Competition in the Student-Housing Sector
March 2017 - Globe St.

"Now that it’s recognized as a viable and profitable alternative category for those looking to diversify, student housing is encouraging strength of scale and drawing private, public and international investors."  -Carrie Rossenfeld, GlobeSt.com

A Rush To Meet Rising Demand, and Expectations, for Student Housing
February 2017 - New York Times

"The student-housing sector... is still considered a relatively new asset class when compared with other property types. But with its growth prospects, steady revenue stream from rents and comparatively high capitalization rates, it has already become a popular investment vehicle for big institutions."  -Vivian Marino, NYT

What's on My Mind - A New Age
February 2017 - Student Housing Business Magazine

"The Top 25 Owners in the sector continue to dominate student housing ownership, with their annual market share of the AXIO 175 Markets ranging from 59 percent to 69 percent and averaging 65 percent in recent years."  -Fred Pierce, SHB

The Growing Student Housing Industry
December 12, 2016 - Bisnow

"Universities can be economic engines, and student housing has become a big player in commercial real estate as a result, driving investment and development."  -Karen Jordan, Bisnow

Why Student Housing Is Becoming a Hot Product Type
November 15, 2016 - Bisnow

"Surging student enrollment numbers are driving demand for student housing, according to San Diego-based Pierce Education Properties."  
-Patricia Kirk, Bisnow

Student-Housing Trends That May Surprise You
October 28, 2016 - GlobeSt.com

"From the high level of amenities being offered to the astoundingly high occupancy rate, Pierce Education Properties’ Fred Pierce reveals to GlobeSt.com EXCLUSIVELY a variety of trends in student housing that show just how much this sector has changed."  -Carrie Rossenfeld, GlobeSt.com

Best Year Ever
Sept/Oct 2016 - Student Housing Business Magazine

"It's been a big year, and it's been driven by a large volume of properties available for purchase and by a tremendous amount of equity capital available to finance those acquisitions. Over the next two years, I think we could eclipse $1 billion in assets."  -Lynn Peisner, SHB

Build v. Buy
July/Aug 2016 - Student Housing Business Magazine

PEP CEO Fred Pierce and other industry leaders weigh in on the current state of the student housing market and the build vs. buy debate.

An eye for acquisition: "We've been in the sector for two decades, and I'd say the environment has never been greater for investment in student housing."  
-Lindsey Walker Marcec, SHB

SHB Question of the Month
August 2016 - Student Housing Business Magazine

"Are U.S. colleges and universities becoming overly dependent on international students to maintain and grow enrollment and revenues? Can the same be said for on- and off-campus housing providers?"

PEP Continues Expansion Into the Northeast
June 2016

Pierce Announces 6th Student Housing Purchase in the Southeast
May 2016

2016 Will Be PEP's Biggest Acquisition Volume Yet; Could Be Industry High, Too
March 2016 - Bisnow

"Founder and CEO Fred Pierce told Bisnow  he expected this to be PEP’s biggest year yet, and he's proving that very quickly, with $180M closed or pending already in 2016. He expects his company will purchase in excess of $300M in student housing this year, growing his portfolio by 6,000 beds."
-Dustin Dooling, Bisnow

North Carolina Property Near East Carolina University Joins The Growing PEP Portfolio
February 2016

PEP Looks to Double Acquisition Pipeline in '16
January 2016 - Bisnow

"Pierce Education Properties just closed on a 756-bed, 216-unit community close to Western Kentucky University and has two properties—valued over $80M—in escrow. The San Diego-based student housing firm plans $200M in acquisitions this year, double what it's done each of the last three years."  -Tonie Auer, Bisnow

PEP Purchases Property at Ball State University in Muncie, IN
December 2015

Pierce Charges Into 2016 With 4th Acquisition in the SE
December 2015

Pierce Expands its Midwest Portfolio with Latest Purchase at ISU
November 2015

What's On My Mind - Coming of Age
September 2015 - Student Housing Business Magazine

"Nearly two decades after its inception, the niche sector of student housing is finally coming of age - from a capital formation standpoint, that is. This evolution of the industry and its investor base has followed a typical and logical progression to reach where it stands today."  -Fred Pierce, SHB

Lifetime Loyalty
July 6, 2015 - SDSU 360 Magazine

"Fred Pierce's 30-year commitment to SDSU has never flagged."
-Coleen L. Geraghty, SDSU 360

Pierce Acquires Student Housing Community Near GA Tech
December 2014

Former Alumni President Fred Pierce Keeps Giving Back
SDSU Alumni Blog

"In this month’s enews is a story about one of the university’s most loyal alumni, Fred Pierce (’88). Fred and his wife Christine have made an extraordinary gift of $2.8 million to San Diego State University, of which $2.5 million is a legacy gift."  -Jim Herrick

Entrepreneur Of The Year 2012 Winner: Fred Pierce
July 18, 2012 - San Diego Source

George Chamberlin speaks with Fred Pierce, president and CEO of Pierce Education Properties LP, about the honor of being named a 2012 winner of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year program, and how his company has grown over the years.

Greek Revival
Sept/Oct 2011 - Student Housing Business

"There's a revival of Greek housing at universities across the nation. Here's why."  -Fred Pierce, SHB

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